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Cheong Myeong is the main protagonist of the martial arts novel and manhwa, Return of the Blossoming Blade. [?] He is a master martial artist and a the 13th disciple of the Mount Hua Sect as a disciple. He was once known as the Plum Blossom Sword Saint, one of the three greatest swordsmen and one of the most famous martial artists over 100 years ago before he was killed in the final battle against the Cheonma of the Demonic Cult. After his death, he found himself reincarnated as a 15 year old boy over a century later and found that the Mount Hua Sect had fallen into near ruination after being ruthlessly attacked by the Demonic Cult.

Since then, he purses the goal of restoring his beloved sect to it once former glory and to greater heights as he cultivates the current generation of disciples into proper martial artists while spreading the name of the sect as one of its masters.

After the Huazhong Contest and time skip, he became known as the Divine Dragon in the murim but the disciples of Mount Hua dubbed him the Mad Dog.[?]


Cheongmyeong appears with black hair and pink eyes in the manhwa. He has a fair complexion and is considered handsome, in both his previous life and current. He has long bangs occasionally covering his face and his long black hair is tied up. He wears a white uniform with the pink Mount Hua Sect logo on the right pectoral, along with black pants, boots and armbands. [?]


Cheongmyeong usually has a carefree nature and enjoys fooling around. However, when he has a goal, he sets his mind to it. He is incredibly intelligent and often uses that to his advantage by constantly finding ways to provoke others or by cleverly using people's words against them. He also has a deep love for money and will collect a lot of expensive things in order to sell. He enjoys drinking and indulging himself with good food. Cheongmyeong is sadistic and likes playing around with his seniors by poking fun at them. He has a bottomless sense of confidence and doesn't waver in any situation but knows when he should retreat or run away.[?]

Well, you're in luck. I never turn down a fight.

Cheongmyeong to Lee Songbaek [1]

He has an overall brutish personality and impudent attitude. According to Wei Suxing, he carries himself like a common thug of a marketplace and eats like an uncouth mountain bandit.[11] He is extremely violent as he won't hesitates to demonstrate it. In the eyes of others characters, he comes off as a wall that can never be crossed. To the those in the murim, he is known as the Divine Dragon to the outsiders but is called the Mad Dog by the disciples of Mount Hua.[?] Even though he's currently in a younger body, he acts like an old man, sometimes complaining about his legs or the weak-willed nature of the "younger" generation.[12]

However, he has grown in his personality towards cultivating abilities of others as he once believed that he could reach enlightenment by following the path laid out by his predecessors by himself but after his death, he realized that one can only become strong by themselves. [13]


Before his death as the 13th disciple of the Mount Hua Sect, he was called the Plum Blossom Sword Saint and was among the three great swordsmen who were active 100 years ago in the beginning of the novel.[?]

One hundred years ago at the end of the war, he participated as a member of the Jungwon Moorim Corps to kill the Sect Leader of the Heavenly Demon Sect, Cheonma. After surviving to the end after everyone was killed, he beheaded off the Cheonma but then dies from severe injuries. However, 100 years after his death, he comes back to life as a 15-year-old beggar named Chosam.[10]

Blessed Dragon of Mount Hua

Reputation as the Blessed Dragon of Mount Hua

After the final Huazhong Contest, where he singlehandedly thrashed every single Zhongnan disciple, he earned the moniker Blessed Dragon of Mount Hua. Although his name rang throughout the realm, he kept a low profile, so his heroic image was amplified further during the two year timeskip, to the point where he would be described as an "invincible hero", a "kind and generous man" of good cheer.[14]


Having already lived a whole life as a Mount Hua's disciple, Cheongmyeong know all techniques of the Mount Hua Sect and has also created his own version of the Twenty-Four Plum Blossoms Sword.[?]

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Cheongmyeong (청명) is the Korean pronunciation of Qingming (靑明). He is sometimes referred to as Chung Myung or Cheong Myeong by some fans, though these are not used in the official English translation of the webtoon. Reborn as a beggar, his name was Chosam, though some fans prefer using Cho Sam.[15]

In his previous life, Cheongmyeong was also known as the Master of the Blossoming Blade (매화검존), although some fans prefer calling him the Plum Blossom Sword Saint.[1] Hyun Young has played on this by calling him the Master of Blossoming Wealth.[16]

After the timeskip, he earned the moniker of the Blessed Dragon of Mount Hua (Hanja: 華山神龍 (Huàshān shénlóng), Hangul: 화산신룡 (Hwasan Sinryong)).[14] Some fans instead use Mount Hua's Divine Dragon.

Although Cheongmyeong is known by such an extravagant name to outsiders, within the sect itself, the disciples have nicknamed him something less flattering: The Mad Dog of Mount Hua (Hanja: 華山狂犬 (Huáshān kuángquǎn), Hangul: 화산광견 (Hwasan Gwanggyeon)). Unam comments he prefers the gentler Hound of Mount Hua (맹견 (maeng gyeon)). Still, both compares him to a barking dog.[11]


Title Hanja Hangul Variations
Master of the Blossoming Blade 매화검존
Blessed Dragon of Mount Hua[17] 華山神龍 (Huàshān shénlóng) 화산신룡 (hwasan sinlyong) Divine Dragon
Master Blessed Dragon[2]
Mad Dog of Mount Hua[11] 華山狂犬 화산광견
Hound of Mount Hua[11] - 맹견
Young Master[2]


  • Cheongmyeong is an orphan in his current and previous life. In his previous life, it was chosen that his birthday would be the October 10th, which is the date of his arrival at Mount Hua Sect.[18]


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We could not find any appearances of Cheong Myeong on the wiki.